Rebekah is a writer/artist who lives with her daughter and various assorted spoiled furry canine and feline friends in a rambling old house in the country. She loves Jesus. She likes sci-fi flicks, chocolate fudge brownies with fudge icing and lots of walnuts, Earl Grey tea, amazing flower gardens that radiate color, the smell of puppy breath and old musty books. On an off day, when she isn’t working at the job she doesn’t really like, you will find her staring at the sky, working on a novel, watching Netflix, or curled up in her recliner reading a book with a dog and cat in her lap. That is when life is good.


2 thoughts on “About

  1. Rebekah, I read your wonderfully thoughtful blogs. I have not read your book (yet), I’m not much of a fiction man (though I love great fiction, just neglect it). Let me encourage you to continue opening up that great mind and sensitive spirit of yours, to reflect on whatever moves you. What you produce is important, thought-provoking, and insightful. Your delightful spirit comes through in everything. Write and write more! John Willis, PhD

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